Flush Waste, Not Water

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MaP = Maximum Performance

MaP testing for toilets was developed in 2003 because we believe that toilets should flush waste – not water!

This free MaP report provides flushing performance scores for more than 2,200 tank-type toilets and is updated monthly. The MaP rating system has been endorsed by consumer groups, manufacturers, retailers, architects, and the US EPA through its WaterSense initiative.

If you want a toilet that performs well, you want a MaP-tested toilet.

About Maximum Performance Testing

Before the development of the MaP Testing Program, many toilets routinely plugged or required double flushing – – they just didn’t work!

Because 99 of every 100 flushes will be for less than 350 grams (12 ounces) of waste, a MaP-approved toilet fixture must flush at least 350g of solid waste. (Note: In 2003, half of the fixtures tested could not even flush 250 g of waste!)

Today, many MaP-approved toilets can flush 1,000g of solid waste (over 2 pounds!) — far more than any human is likely to produce.

NOTE: Manufacturers are NOT required to have their toilet fixtures MaP tested and MaP testing remains a voluntary program. To avoid disappointment, consumers should insist on installing ONLY MaP-tested toilets.

Two suggestions for MaP-approved toilets (that we believe are “good flushers”) are:

Kohler Wellworth


Toto Eco-Drake



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