Freshen up that garbage disposal


garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are a very useful tool in the kitchen.  However over time they can develop unpleasant odors.  Here are a few home remedies you can try.


1.  Try running the disposal with cut up lemons, the ground up lemons are a natural refresher.

2.  Baking soda is another natural and effective odor eliminator.  Pour some baking soda down the drain while running warm water to neutralize the odor. 

3.  Use a garbage disposal brush to clean the grind chamber of your disposal.  Unplug your disposal for safety and use the brush with detergent to clean the entire grind chamber.  (These brushes can be found at most home improvement stores.) 

If you still have odor problems with your disposal there may be a problem with the machine.  In this case call Val Betti Plumbing ,  We currently service the following bay area cities:  Alamo, Albany, Berekely, Concord, Crockett, Danville, ElCerrito, ElSobrante, Hercules, Kensington, Lafayette, Martinez, Orinda, Pinole, Pleasant Hill, Richmond, Rodeo, San Pablo, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek.


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